Friday, 16 March 2007

Giddy Up...go, go, go !!!!

Giddy up, go, go, go! Mackenzie loves riding her unicorn rocking horse! She has really mastered the art of this of late, and shouts, go, go, go! And presses the noisy buttons! It is such a classic!

Good Morning

How can you resist this cheeky smile early in the morning? And yes I mean early! Mackenzie wakes up somewhere between 4.30-5.30am most mornings....we try to entice her to stay in our bed until at least 6am, sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't!!! But at least she is so bright and happy in the morning!

Sleeping Beauty :-)

Check out this photo! Mackenzie has become rather attached to 'Nelly" the rabbit blankie she has had since she was tiny (see part of it between her legs!!) and to cat (which she got for christmas from my mum, Nanna!) She insists on have both of them when she goes down for her sleep as well as her beloved 'sheet' as well! Matt managed to get this photo of her curled up with them the other day when she was out like a light from an action packed day!! Lol!

ps. don't know what we are going to do when 'cat' falls apart! If anyone sees one around the it for us and we will pay u! We need a backup spare cat me thinks! :-)

Friday, 9 March 2007

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

We had a really fun day last month at Sea World, which we have annual passes for and they have been great. You can just go for a few hours, as you know with little ones all day can be a bit long at a theme park - for everyone!

Mackenzie enjoyed the dolphin show, clapping, laughing when the dolphins were jumping out of the water. She really loved all the animals, especially the fish and sharks in the aquariums in Shark Bay.

To finish off the afternoon we took her on the merry go round and thought...ok why not we will have an ice cream. Matt bought two to share...but Mackenzie had other ideas! Here are a few pics of her enjoying her first strawberry ice cream...Her comments were "mmm, nice", but when Mummy tried to take it off her to lick up the drips...."Nooooo" and prompty crushed the ice cream cone in her hand, to prevent us taking it! Needless to say....she ended up with the remaining chocolate ice cream cone...alll to herself. And thankfully ice cream eating was the last activity of our day!

Finally got around to making a blog.....

So ok, I know it is a little late coming :-)... (don't people usually make a blog when they first have a baby!) but I finally got around to making a blog after going to some training for work this week and looking at friends blog and thought, yep I am going to do that and then my family and friends can keep up to date and see what we are all up and see some regular photos of the gorgeous Mackenzie Grace, who I might add is growing up at an alarming rate! Can't believe our baby girl turned 1 1/2 years old this week! Boy time flies when you are having fun lol!