Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Little softies

I have collected a few patterns here and there of little softies that I put aside and was determined that one day I would at least try to make one of them!

Over the Christmas period, I got around to whipping up a sweet little scotty dog for my daughter who is desperate for a real dog, but was happy with this little guy to play with for the time being.  She has called him Rex.   I got the pattern from Jenny, over at Allsorts.  You can find it here.  I really love her website, she has some wonderful things.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Picture Book of the week : "Wanted: The Perfect Pet" by Fiona Roberton

Late last year this new picture book "Wanted: The Perfect Pet" by Fiona Roberton arrived on my desk I was thrilled. Not only was this a perfect and timely book that I could take home to read to my daughter who had been pestering me non stop about her wish to get a dog, it truely is a delightful book!

The story is about a little boy called Henry who desperately wants a pet dog to play with.  In his eyes a dog that would fetch, play and do tricks would be his perfect pet.  Henry is willing to go to any length to get his perfect pet, although sometimes what you thought you need isn't really so.  Now I won't spoil it by saying anymore but just see if you can get your hands on a copy at your local library or bookshop. You won't be disappointed, it is a lovely story for both children and adults!

Monday, 18 January 2010

My precious.....Ruby, the Kitchenaid mixer

I have been lusting after a Kitchenaid mixer forever (I know along with everyone else!).  I was fortunate enough to use my dear friend Brittany's when visiting in South Carolina last year.  This only made me want it more! 

So this year when my December birthday rolled around and I cursed the double/joint birthday thing with Christmas, this year I thought I would use it to my advantage and put all money and requests for birthday/xmas presents towards my beloved Kitchenaid.

So here she is in Empire Red and I have called her Ruby. Isn't she a beauty? :-) Another bonus was she came with the ice cream maker attachment and extra cookbook.  I have been busy whipping up ice cream, sorbets, yogurts, cakes and so on.  Now let me say it was so worth it. It works like a dream. I totally understand all the Kitchenaid fanatics now. 

Random fact of the day

Most people know that chocolate is highly toxic to dogs and can be fatal in high doses, but did you know that grapes (and sultanas) are also toxic to dogs!  I did not know that.  Our dog used to like grapes and sometimes sultanas, maybe it is like a drug and makes them go a little loopy!

We had a visit to the library from the Animal Welfare League QLD doing a talk on Pet Welfare and they also brought along a 4 month old kitten Auburn who was looking for a new home and their own dog, a golden retriever who could do lots of tricks.  It was great!  Check them out if you are thinking of getting a new pet, they have so many needing homes.

Beautiful blogs

When I decided that I should revive my blog which I started years ago but didn't get very far, the first thing I knew I wanted to do is change the look and 'beautify' it!  I love beautiful things but don't quite know how to really do it myself yet online digitally (but I am learning).  I stumbled across a link on another blog along the way to  It was perfect! Megan, the owner and creator of this blog has beautiful backgrounds, blinkies and buttons all totally free to use, plus really easy to use instructions.

I love owls and babushka dolls...but honestly it was so hard to choose what to try...although you will see I went with the owls for now. Don't be surprised if I change it regularly. Honestly everything on shabbyblogs is gorgeous!!! So big Thank you to Megan :-) Check it out.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Meet Memphis, the blue point Ragdoll cat

Meet Memphis, our blue point Ragdoll cat. It was his birthday on Friday and he is now a year old.  He is such a beautiful boy and very patient with Mackenzie.  At the moment the latest favourite game for both is superheroes.  Guess who gets to be superhero? Yep, Memphis also known as superhero code name "Max" battles it with "monster Mackenzie".   I wonder who gets tired of that game fastest!

Ragdoll cats are perfect for families and children.  They love lots of affection, cuddles and attention!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Through the looking glass...

Considering that I started this blog a fair while ago I didn't get very far in my posting did I.  Although originally I was kind of posting about my daughter Mackenzie to help friends and relatives keep up to date.

Lately I have been reading lots of blogs and am feeling inspired to give this ago once again. Can't promise what I will blogging about and if I will be consistently blogging about it, but at the moment I am enjoying cooking (baking in particular with my new kitchen aid mixer), reading and creating. So lets see what I come up with!  Plus I am sure that odd posts will get in there about all sorts of things, including Mackenzie and our cat Memphis.