Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Picture Book of the week : "Wanted: The Perfect Pet" by Fiona Roberton

Late last year this new picture book "Wanted: The Perfect Pet" by Fiona Roberton arrived on my desk I was thrilled. Not only was this a perfect and timely book that I could take home to read to my daughter who had been pestering me non stop about her wish to get a dog, it truely is a delightful book!

The story is about a little boy called Henry who desperately wants a pet dog to play with.  In his eyes a dog that would fetch, play and do tricks would be his perfect pet.  Henry is willing to go to any length to get his perfect pet, although sometimes what you thought you need isn't really so.  Now I won't spoil it by saying anymore but just see if you can get your hands on a copy at your local library or bookshop. You won't be disappointed, it is a lovely story for both children and adults!

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