Sunday, 17 January 2010

Meet Memphis, the blue point Ragdoll cat

Meet Memphis, our blue point Ragdoll cat. It was his birthday on Friday and he is now a year old.  He is such a beautiful boy and very patient with Mackenzie.  At the moment the latest favourite game for both is superheroes.  Guess who gets to be superhero? Yep, Memphis also known as superhero code name "Max" battles it with "monster Mackenzie".   I wonder who gets tired of that game fastest!

Ragdoll cats are perfect for families and children.  They love lots of affection, cuddles and attention!


steiff1001 said...

what a handsome devil. i love ragdolls. i have a website devoted to them. i have two myself. what made you get a ragdoll?

eskimo kiss said...

I have always wanted a ragdoll. I grew up with three burmese (which i also love). My cat Keshna, a blue burmese is still alive (she is turning 19 years old in May) and lives with my mum in sydney. She is the last one left. Our other cat we have had was a Russian blue, he was also a beautiful boy. Sadly he disappeared this year and we have never found out what happened to him :-( We have had Memphis since he was 6 months old (again I went for the blue colourings which I love!). Thought it was a good age for him to be and a good age for my daughter to be (4 years old). And it was they get along wonderfully. I think ragdolls just have wonderful personalities and they seem to be a little more dog like as well, following everywhere and just little sticky beaks!

What are your websites steiff1001? Would love to check them out! Thanks for posting :)