Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I heart french toast cupcakes!

We have a new love in our house....French toast cupcakes! When I finally got my hands of a copy of "Eat me! The stupendous self-raising world of cupcakes and bakes according to Cookie Girl" at work, Mackenzie and I were looking through deciding what we should try to bake first.  

Somehow we managed to agree on one to try (yes how did this happen...a Virgo and a Saggitarius actually agreeing!) and French Toast cupcakes were it.  Now my daughter Mackenzie loves French toast and manages to wrangle one of her parents to make it for her for breakfast (ie. me or my husband) and has the particular knack of requesting it on days you are in a rush or walking out the door!! Somehow though the little chicken manages to get one of use to whip her up a batch, so it was only fitting that I give these cupcakes a try!!!

And can I say success...everyone has loved them.  I made the first batch when my mum was visiting and she did not need to be asked twice if she would like to try a second.  The second batch I made to take to my workplace and I modified the recipe to be gluten free.  The third batch I made for my husband who had missed the first two because he was away for work.  These are definitely a winner and will be going into my recipe file.  Now the next time I make them I must remember to try and take a photo!!

And as my daughter says..."they really really taste like french toast! I love them!"


Digella said...

WOW! French toast cupcakes. And you have a lovely blog here too!

Please I would love that recipe. I just called it out to the girls and they are in fits about it!


eskimo kiss said...

Thanks Digella!

It is a fantastic recipe! My dear friend Amber who has a wonderful blog has posted the recipe which you can find here...(saves me typing out!).

Two fit and fun gals said...

french toast cupakes? YUM!